October-December in Snaps

it's the first day of 2017, so i thought i'd wrap up my year with a social media recap of my final 3 months of 2016 through the snapchat lenses (or filters as the case may be). a pretty awesome fall sunset october leaves on campus. pretending to get some work done during our trip … Continue reading October-December in Snaps


that one summer day

it's rainy and grey today, something I am big fan of when I have nothing to do and nowhere to be. it's definitely fall in the city of tress, and while i much prefer cloudy to blazing sun (except perhaps on vacation) i couldn't help but reminisce on this very sunny, very hot day from … Continue reading that one summer day

the fair

we came, we saw, we ate. one year of latin and i can't even translate that accurately for you; what a waste. the western idaho fair was a nice way to cap off our summer and a great place to take photos for my instagram page. we didn't ride anything because that would have gotten … Continue reading the fair