Viva la Mexico, and Other Cliche Post Titles

I know what you’re thinking: three travel posts in a row? Who do you think you are? A paid instagram blogger? I’m not, but if you have an in on that, please let me know. In January, freshly graduated and not yet saturated with the realities of adulthood, my step-brother and I (our generous parents, and our respective +1s–our brother for him, Ian for me–in tow) headed out on the graduation gift we’d all been looking forward to for months: a trip to Puerto Vallarta.

It went by in a dreamy blur: relaxing, eating, smiling so much my cheeks hurt. The kind where a brief photo diary will have to suffice, because I worked hard to make a conscious effort to be a little more present for this.

(The great thing about needing your passport to be easily accessible for security lines, is it’s also easily accessible for photo ops)cliche-airplane-over-the-wing-photoplants-puerto-vallartadoorway-puerto-vallarta#plantsonpink because my life is dictated by Instagram.IMG_3074IMG_3106IMG_3115Without question, the most stunning sunset I’ve ever seen. It didn’t seem real. Ian might disagree, but I would say this view was totally worth the food poisoning he got that night. Just kidding. Sort of. IMG_3117


IMG_3122.JPGEverything about this trip was magical. The ocean, the pina coladas, the ziplining adventure (even the part where I was certain I would die on a rope net because my upper body strength is apparently non-existent and this was the worst possible place to discover that), the people I got to share it with, the sand. We weren’t ready to come home. It’s been months, and I still wish that we were back here, with this view, because it was wonderful.


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