Thanksgiving by the Sea

It’s May. I get that. I am nothing if not timely. Anyway we spent Thanksgiving 2016 in Oceanside, CA, and it was dreamy. We went to Legoland with my nephews, walked down to the pier and spent some time in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter and Seaport Village. It was the perfect way to spend a week procrastinating the homework of my final semester. And now let’s get to the good part: photos. (And also lots of explanatory captions, because I love to hear myself type.)

IMG_2448Before we could enjoy mashed potatoes with an ocean view, we had to actually get to the ocean, and that meant road tripping it from Boise to Oceanside. For us, that route leads right through Las Vegas and past the Instagram famous Seven Magic Mountains. Like the basic “do it for the ‘gram” girl I am, I convinced a reluctant but obliging Ian to make a short detour so I could see the magic in person. I felt I had earned it after navigating through the Vegas interstate traffic as I had somehow managed to be in the driver’s seat on that leg of the trip. It was terrifying, yet we both lived to tell the tale and now I wanted to see some painted rocks. IMG_2459We accidentally timed it really well, as we arrived right around dusk and light began fading pretty quickly after that. IMG_2461IMG_2468IMG_2514Thank you so much, kind stranger who saw us struggling to take a selfie, and offered her assistance. We rarely take photos together, and despite our 12 hour drive-ready attire, I love this picture of us. IMG_2568IMG_2666We arrived well after dark that night, but this is the sunset from the backyard of the beach house my parents had rented for everyone. This was the view that we woke up to every morning and it was basically heaven. IMG_2475IMG_2501IMG_2917The second evening we walked about a mile down the strand to the pier to take in the sunset and people/pelican watch. IMG_2556I know I just said we rarely take pictures together and now there’s two in one post, so really I think it must be a vacation thing, which means that since I want more photos of just the two of us, we should take more vacations. The week really flew by with shopping Legoland, and of course, Thanksgiving. Friday arrived all too quickly, and Ian I squeezed in one more drive a little south to San Diego to the zoo. IMG_2690IMG_2689IMG_2608IMG_2618This is the second time I’ve been to the San Diego Zoo and both times the sheer size has been overwhelming in the best way possible. We walked until we were basically ready to drop and admired the pandas, the elephants, the rhinos, and our personal favorites: the gorillas. We rode the Skyfari and visited the polar bears. We looked at replicas of dire wolf skeletons and discussed which Game of Thrones house we belonged to. It was the perfect way to end a really beautiful week. IMG_2508Oceanside, we love you. The drive home, however, not so much. The one thing that got us through the horrific expanse that is the drive through the center of Nevada was the hilarious (and I do not use that in any sense of hyperbole) podcast, “My Dad Wrote a Porno.” It is crying to the point of tears run down your cheeks funny. It is funny to the point of we have to pull over because I might get us into a wreck because I’m laughing so hard. It bookended our Thanksgiving break vacation beautifully and I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend a trip to the ocean asap. It does wonders for the mind and soul.


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