October-December in Snaps

it’s the first day of 2017, so i thought i’d wrap up my year with a social media recap of my final 3 months of 2016 through the snapchat lenses (or filters as the case may be).
a pretty awesome fall sunset

img_2814-1october leaves on campus.


pretending to get some work done

during our trip to disneyland. perfect backdrops for snapchat weather filters.

a game in mid-November; it was pouring sideways. I stuck it out through halftime to support ian, and then quickly walked home. definition of fair weather fan.

img_2810  our next door neighbor’s door. ghost friend disappeared shortly after. I was sad to see him go.

img_2811a small skiff of snow in early December

img_2818-2 sunday brunch: graduation weekend


after a brief cold snap that had numbers in the single digits closer to zero than ten, 32 degrees felt almost like a tropical vacation.

img_2819                 fancy sodas at bluebird.

we had a white Christmas this year. Christmas Eve eve we got seven inches in boise which is basically unheard of. I drove to my parents’ home for Christmas and Pocatello had 15 inches. lot’s of snowsanity over here.❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

i’m anxious and cautiously optimistic about 2017, but i hope you had a safe and happy new year!


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