south pass city, wy

on day two of our trip to wyoming we headed to south pass city, an abandoned mining town that comes back to life every summer during gold rush days. second to the bears, this was probably the highlight of our trip for me. it was an experience that was pretty unique–i mean, how many mining ghost towns hold events where baseball teams play in wool uniforms with period correct mitts? DSCN0141

some of the best posers around. (side note: how awesome is that feeling when someone takes a photo of you and you actually like it enough to post it to the internet?)


aforementioned wool uniforms. i love this picture because it looks like the player is smoking a cigar reminiscent of the great bambino, but really i think this is just his thinking pose.

some blacksmithing and some riding. they were also giving mine tours, but i had a full on panic attack at about the age of six at a mine in northern idaho, and have henceforth been utterly terrified of anything pertaining to mines, caves, or other dark enclosed space in the sides of mountains/underground.

DSCN0184so we passed on the mine tour, but i don’t think anyone was too upset. i certainly wasn’t, as messy hair, horse petting, and cream soda sippin’ made for a full and relaxed afternoon.

IMG_1127and a car selfie featuring dusty faces after three and a half hours in the sun, on the way back down to lander. i’m not sure what’s up with my eyebrow, but i do know we had a really nice time in south pass.


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