a weekend in wyoming

the weekend after the 4th, ian and i headed to wyoming to visit his family in lander. we took the route that went through jackson and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. IMG_1242this is the view from the top of teton pass looking into the valley. while the view was great the amount of swarming horseflies was not, so we snapped a couple of photos and headed back to the car as quickly as possible- -swatting emphatically the whole time.

full disclosure: these photos of the antler arches in jackson were totally taken on our way home rather than our way there, but sequence doesn’t matter, right? also, ian said i could use this photo if i cropped out his awkward phone hand. i don’t know exactly what that means, but ian, consider it cropped. after a quick lunch at the deli in albertsons, we got back on the road.

IMG_1205and this was our amazing view of the tetons as we headed out of jackson and towards lander.

while we were there, they (ian and his family) took me around to see some of the scenery around lander. this part was especially cool and photogenic (see photos for evidence). water seemingly disappears into this shallow cavern and then reappears from the ground about two miles down the mountain.


later that evening, we had a campfire barbeque in one of the campgrounds that are in the state park. a nice evening with some okay scenery too.

then, possibly the biggest highlight of the trip (and possibly my life) happened on the way home:

DSCN0202we saw grizzly bears! as in bears plural!! a mama bear and two cubs. growing up in eastern idaho, i have been to yellowstone a lot. sometimes twice a year, but in all those drive throughs i have never seen a bear. bison, deer, moose, elk, even wolves, but never once a bear. and then, as we were driving home, bam! THREE WHOLE GRIZZLIES. we fangirled (that’s right, i just used the word about bears, on a site other than tumblr) for about 35 minutes and took approximately 7 million photos, so here, let me subject you to about half of them. i kid, i kid. sort of.


before i end this post, i just want to quickly note that these bears were kind enough to be on a hillside that was next to a pullout road, but everyone who had stopped to take photos and watch were staying in their cars at a safe distance. like us, everybody had the zoom happening on their cameras to get good photos. no one was bothering the bears and the bears didn’t seemed to be bothered by us. and judging how there was a park ranger about 20 minutes down the road monitoring some people who had pulled over to see the bison, i’m sure another park ranger was on their way to the bears as we left. everyone knew that seeing these bears was absolutely surreal and wanted those photos, but people seemed to remember that they are still wild and incredibly dangerous, especially a female bear with her cubs. and now, because i don’t want to leave you with this psa, let’s close this out with cute. DSCN0204

you’re welcome. 😉


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