Thanksgiving by the Sea

It's May. I get that. I am nothing if not timely. Anyway we spent Thanksgiving 2016 in Oceanside, CA, and it was dreamy. We went to Legoland with my nephews, walked down to the pier and spent some time in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter and Seaport Village. It was the perfect way to spend a [...]

Disneyland-October 2016

So almost six months later (and two months since I've posted at all, but you'll keep that just between us, right?) I'm back with a somewhat scattered Disneyland photo recap. Since this is already six months overdue we'll cut the chit chat. Let's get started, shall we? #wallsofdisney Am I right? when it comes to selfies, [...]

Carrie Fisher

everyone knows and loves the strong, independent princess leia. but if you've never read any of carrie fisher's works (novels or memoirs) you've missed out on the incredible woman behind the general. my personal favorite is wishful drinking, which is also a special on hbo. her memoirs and novels-perhaps the most notable being postcards from [...]

Catching Up

Hi, blog. Long time no me. It's been a minute, but that's alright as no one is actually reading this except me when it comes up in my Newsify feed. I'm currently avoiding applying for jobs by writing this post while CBS plays in the background because I can't find the remote. This is rambly, [...]